Viper Golf Club - Admin

These are items to be worked on or just items being thought about. Send an email with any suggestions you might have to

Web Site Updates

  • Detailed information
  • Sign up and display rosters
  • Statistics
  • FAQ
  • Automate quota and payout calculations
  • SEO
  • Create a spreadsheet to begin with then move to a website.
  • Evaluate buy-in amount. Currently $10 ($5 for skins, $5 for quota).

Tee Time Management

  • Heritage Isles has agreed to give a Sunday block of tee times between 8am and 9am.
  • Default is 20 tee times until we can gauge the interest level.
  • I will phone Heritage Isles each Friday to confirm the number of players. This allows Heritage Isles to open up unused tee times.
  • Late entries or walk-ups will be accepted if room or no-shows.
  • If we start getting more than 32 golfers, may want to go to a reverse shotgun start and also start earlier. This way everyone will finish around the same time.
  • The reduced green fee rates match the lowest possible Heritage Isles can offer.

Possible Considerations

  • Create a phone app to post scores and tournament information.
  • Put tournament statistics online using, allowing golfers to login.
  • Online registration (must be a member).
  • Roster display for the different Saturday tournaments.
  • Allow the quota and skins game to be optional. Add 2 checkboxes to the players form.
  • Allow admin to enter raw scores or hole points (currently only hole points allowed).
  • Post pictures of players, course, restaurant, ...