Viper Golf Club - Details


  • Any rule changes will be indicated before the round begins.
  • Breakfast ball, can take the best of your 2 shots (first tee only).
  • Play ball as it lies unless your ball is in the fairway/fringe areas, then you are allowed to 'roll the ball' (clean mud, take out of divot).
  • If the course is 'Cart Path Only', you can clean the ball anywhere.
  • You may rake the sand if in a bunker and place the ball.
  • If foam is used in the hole to prevent virus spread, to be holed, the ball must strike the foam and come to rest within the club length used on the stroke.
  • No gimmies. You must stroke the ball until it is 'holed', unless it is for a double bogey or worse.
  • Golfers will enter their quota score for the hole, with a double bogey max per hole. Submit 1 card per group, each player is responsible for their score.
  • Leave the group's scorecard at the proshop in the lock box.
  • Blue and Gold players will play Blue tees on the par 3s.
  • Out of Bounds will now be played in conjunction with the new rules of golf (as of 1/1/2020), (no more playing as a lateral hazard).
  • Example Option 1 : OB ball can be brought back into the fairway, no closer to the hole from where it crossed into the OB and the player would be hitting 4.
  • Example Option 2 : Go back to the tee and hit your 3rd shot.


  • Play the tees you want to play (Red/Green/White/Blue/Gold).
  • No mixing of tees during the round.
  • Quota is based on the tees you play.
  • If you want to change tees, you will need to establish a quota on the new tees.

Modified Stableford Scoring

Double Bogey or Worse0


  • Quota games favor the weaker players, but the skins favor the stronger players. This should keep a balance, with everyone having an opportunity to win.
  • Quota and skins will be paid out the following week (or when you can track me down), rounded down to whole dollars.
  • Skins are divided equally, rounded down to whole dollars. If no skins are won, skin money put towards year end event.
  • Approximately 25% of the golfers in the quota game will win a portion of the quota pool.
  • First place will pay a minimum of 30%. Second place will pay a minimum of 20%.
  • Skins and quota rounding amounts will be put in the end of year event/dinner fund.
  • Ties will be split evenly. Ex: 15 players, 2 golfers tie for 2nd place. Each will get 25%.



  • No penalties for missing your quota.

Quota Calculation

  • Average of the last 5 rounds played. If only 3 or 4 rounds played, average of the rounds played.
  • If the golfer plays different tees, each will have their own quota.
  • Need to play 3 rounds to establish your quota.

Day of Event

  • Scorecards distributed with names and quota targets marked.
  • Indicate for each golfer which tees they are playing (R/GR/W/B/GO).
  • If 3 or 4 golfers in the group, both 'carts' keep score to verify totals.
  • Money collected.
  • League admin in the first group will collect the scorecards as rounds complete. They should also look over the scorecard to see that the scorecard is filled out correctly.
  • League admin in the last group to accomodate any late arrivals.
  • All par busters (birdie/eagle/albatross) should be circled on the scorecard.
  • Pay out quota and skin winners the following week.